The Men

The Confederates:

  • Robert E. Lee: Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
  • James Longstreet: One of Lee’s three corps commanders. He was seen as Lee’s right-hand by 1863 and worked closely with Lee during the Battle of Gettysburg, disapproving of many of Lee’s decisions.
  • George Pickett: Division commander under Longstreet. His division, along with two division from A.P. Hill’s Corps, were chosen for Pickett’s Charge.
  • John Bell Hood: 
  • Lewis Armistead
  • Henry Heth: 

The Federals:

  • George Meade: Commander of the Army of the Potomac
  • John Reynolds: 
  • John Buford: 
  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain: Colonel of the 2oth Maine who defended Little Round Top and saved the Union line from collapse on the second day of fighting.
  • Winfield Scott Hancock: 


  • Arthur Fremantle: British observer on behalf of Queen Victoria
  • Henry Harrison: Confederate spy with warned Lee of the Union’s advancement toward Gettysburg, thus saving the Army of Northern Virginia from destructing.