Secondary Source

Dead soldier at Devil’s Den, c/o Library of Congress

The movie Gettysburg is a fairly reliable source for teaching about the battle. Even though the war is overly romanticized, viewers learn about the battle in a way that makes it stick with them. The movie got the basic facts about the Battle of Gettysburg including: the reason for Lee’s movement into the North, the overall course of the battle, facts about the commanders, uniforms and weaponry, and the outcome of the battle. Most of the credit for accuracy belongs to the hundreds of Civil War reenactors who volunteered to serve as extras in the film. As experts versed on Civil War battle tactics, weaponry, dress, and knowledge of the war, the battle scenes, which make up a large portion of the film, look as though professional soldiers of the day are carrying them out.[1]

Clip of 20th Maine Bayonet Charge down Little Round Top, Gettysburg (1993) 

[1] Philip Beidler, “Ted Turner Et Al. at Gettysburg; Or, Re-Enactors in the Attic,” Virginia Quarterly Review: A National Journal of Literature and Discussion 75, no. 3 (1999): 2.